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Poem – “Just Walk Away, Susan”

Those sidewalks grey, cracked, smooth, sliding by, cobblestones, gravel, grassy paths

They won’t see me anymore

They won’t have my feet upon them, my boots, my sandals, my stop, my go

Dusty, gone, absent from me,

My smile or my hellos once easy on my face, have seen their day

Like many before me- we go

We stay, we live, we skip, we run, we trudge, we hide our face against the stinging snow beads

We sweltered in the heat, moving slowly, fluid

We hugged, we walked on by

My time to do that is over

I do not think you’ll see me – streets, roads, pavements

My smile, my laugh will not me there, nor my wave

Our time comes

Our time arrives

It is here

Our times go, our times fade, our times end.

September 2015