January Walk in One of My Old Neighbourhoods

Fort Needham / Hydrostone area, Halifax, NS (Winter 2016)
Fort Needham /  Hydrostone area, Halifax, NS (Winter 2016)
Susan Jefferies-Murray

About Susan Jefferies-Murray

Yes, another female “Baby Boomer” thinking she has something to say.... A mother of four, grandmother of a dozen, and a wife with over 25 years of front line and management work in the Human Service area as well as a decade of prior work in the federal government and private sectors. Over the years I have become skilled at juggling many balls and wearing many hats. After staring down a few giants in life and of course, tumbling down a few times, I always manage to get back up, dust myself off and carry on. I now face the ultimate challenge of living after being diagnosed with an incurable illness.

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