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My Frequent “Go To” Song

This is my frequent “go to” song. I this artist’s style deep in my heart and each note, each nuance, each word rings hard in my spirit. Its OK, please know, to pray in this way… for yourself, of course and to say, humbly, Lord, It is me, it is me standing in the need of prayer… and lay your soul bare, as the low tide lays the ocean floor bare with it’s clay, it’s rock, broken shells, the beauty, the depth, the seaweed of the soul, in plain sight and before the creator who lovingly made us and knows our needs.

Old Time Gospel

One of the very long term, old time gospel songs that has carried me through many valleys and dark hills at night time. Some of you may not like this kind of gospel, but Vestel Goodman, who I had the opportunity to meet in person, along with other Happy Goodman members, way back, is a long time special artist and soulful, gospel Matron…. Or Queen of old time gospel.